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Oilfield Rig Hauling Sask

Integrity Oilfield Hauling Ltd was founded on April 1, 2014 by Jeff (Beaver) Bayliss, Jimmy Bayliss and Mike Rathje to help serve Southeast Saskatchewan and Southwestern Manitoba in the drilling rig moving business.
Integrity has a reputation built on team performance and mutual respect between our co-worker’s, our customers and our vendors. We ensure the highest quality of workmanship by hiring the most qualified personnel to be part of our professional team. Developing and working with people makes our business better. Our focus is to live up to our name so we will be a leader in the Oilfield industry and a proud supporter to our community and the future.
Our Employees are certified and trained on how to protect themselves while doing their job in such a manner as to cause minimal environmental harm. We respectfully prove our safety throughout our worksites with proper maintenance, upgrades and improvements to our company equipment. We provide safe, efficient and reliable equipment that our employees are proud to operate. We create a highly productive and favorable work environment for those involved and we consider our personnel to be our greatest asset.
Integrity Oilfield Hauling Ltd has developed environmental standards in accordance with relevant legislation and has taken the steps required to ensure that they are fully enforced. Our goals are met by protecting our workers, the environment and the equipment. All activities performed by our employees, contractors, and subcontractors shall endeavor to meet and/or exceed applicable Provincial, Federal and Company regulations together with accepted industry standards.

Oilfield Rig Hauling Sask

B & B Oilfield Hauling was established on August 8, 2000 by Jimmy and Bruce Bayliss specializing in moving oilfield wellsite shacks. Jimmy and Bruce started with one air ride winch tractor moving wellsite shacks. As the oil patch became busier over a span of 3 years, the need for more trucks was on high demand. B & B grew their trucking fleet to 12 air ride winch tractors. With the help of their competent and experienced personnel, B & B has a reputation of being the best in the shack moving business. B & B Oilfield Hauling takes great pride in our employees. It is our belief that our employees have made B & B who we are today. In April 2014, Integrity Oilfield Hauling Ltd was founded and working together with B & B Oilfield Hauling they specialize in moving drilling rigs and oilfield wellsite shacks.

We are your Shack Hauling Specialists

Integrity Oilfield Hauling

Safety is our #1 concern! We are equipped to provide reliable transportation and expertise to move drilling rigs and all oilfield equipment throughout the oil patch in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.

  • 8 x 8 Rig Tractor
  • Rock Truck Commanders
  • 420” Bed Trucks
  • 8 x 8 Bed Trucks
  • Planetary Tractors with Hydraulic Wheels
  • Tri Drives
  • Tandem Winch Tractors
  • Many Wheeled Combinations
  • 1 Ton and Trailer
  • Loaders
  • Pilot Trucks

  • We value our customers and strive to meet your needs with experienced truck pushes, rig haulers, drivers, swampers and pilot drivers. We take care of all permits and pilots as required. We are here for all of your rig moving needs. Give Dispatch a call @ 306-339-7136. Rates available upon request.

    B & B Oilfield Hauling

    We operate the following equipment to relocate well site trailers and oilfield equipment from lease to lease or to wherever our customers need us to be.

  • Tri Drives
  • Tandem Winch Tractors with Tri Axle Trailers
  • Low Trombone Trailers
  • 40 Ton Picker & Trailer

  • We not only supply our services to the oilfield, but have a lot of experience delivering equipment to Potash and Mining Sites. We take care of all permits and pilots as required. We have also been known to help a farmer out a time or two! Give Bruce a call @ 306-485-7535. Rates available upon request.


    Both Integrity Oilfield Hauling and B & B Oilfield Hauling operate under:

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